LumberId Lumber Identification via grain pattern
  • What hardware does the LumberId system consist of?

  • Both the LumberId scanner and detector use identical hardware consisting of industrial camera, LED light source, industrial Windows™ based computer, and encoder.

  • Will the LumberId system work even if the material handling starts and stops or runs at inconsistent speeds?

  • Yes, the LumberId system triggers off an encoder, and does not require constant speed in material handling. Furthermore, the system is also capable of functioning inside a cross cut saw where there is constant starts and stops.

  • Is the LumberId system reliable/robust?

  • Yes, the LumberId system works off one camera with no moving parts. You set the camera focus once and the system keeps functioning. An air blowoff is required to keep the saw dust off the LED light source and camera lens. The LED light source is rated for 100,000 hours.

  • Is the LumberId system easy to calibrate?

  • Yes, to calibrate and setup the camera, all that is necessary is to set the camera aperture wide open and focus the lens.

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